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Accepted for ECCV 2018

Our paper (below) got accepted for European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) 2018. [project page]

  • Hiroaki Santo, Michael Waechter, Masaki Samejima, Yusuke Sugano, and Yasuyuki Matsushita: “Light Structure from Pin Motion: Simple and Accurate Point Light Calibration for Physics-based Modeling”, European Conference on Computer Vision (Sep. 2018).

Welcome and Encouragement party (2018/06/15)

We had a welcome and encouragement party for B3 and B4.

We enjoyed talking with new members.

Everyone in B4, do your best to study for graduate school entrance examination

MITOU Program (2018/6/27)

A project by Akihiro Tamada was adopted into 2018 MITOU Program. For more details about MITOU Program, please see the page below.

Softball competition (2018/6/17)

Laboratory to laboratory softball competition was held.
As a result of everyone’s wonderful play, we won second place.

(日本語) CVIM研究会(2018/05/11)

CVIM Research Society Event was held in Osaka. Three M1 students have participated, among who Iwata and Mizuno were awarded with Excellent Award of the Bachelor Thesis Session.

(日本語) B4歓迎会(2018/04/06)

New students coming to the lab.

(日本語) 情報科学研究科卒業祝賀・謝恩会(2018/03/22)

Graduate School of Information Science Technology – Graduation Celebration & Thank-you party was held to celebrate the graduation of 6 MSc’s, as well as the graduation and proceeding to Graduate School of 6 Bachelors students.

End year party (2017/12/20)

We had an end year party. We forgot a lot of things thanks to this party.

Welcome party with Jason and Michael (2017/11/21)

We had a welcome party with Jason and Michael. Welcome to Matsushita Laboratory!

ICCV (2017/10/21-29)

Kuga Ryohe and Santo Hiroaki made presentations in ICCV.

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